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Farmigo Brings the Famers Market Online, Ups the Bottom Line for Local Farmers

Gotham Greens, an urban agriculture company, is one of the small businesses that works with Farmigo. Gotham Greens utilizes four commercial-scale rooftop greenhouses in New York City and Chicago for its production. They focus primarily on leafy greens and herbs because they’re the things that travel the furthest, says Nicole Baum, marketing manager at Gotham Greens.

“Our relationship with Farmigo I think is very mutually beneficial. For them, they have access to this very high-quality, pesticide-free, local produce year-round, consistently. For us, we have this wonderful product and we know that we’ll always have interested, really engaged customers that will consistently be ordering the product,” she says.

Every morning, the Gotham team harvests up fresh produce. Food is packaged on site and then delivered directly to Farmigo, which takes care of the logistics in getting the product to the end consumer.

Farmigo users can go online, put in their zip code, find a nearby pickup location, and place their order. Pickup locations are at select food hubs, like schools. “As a really busy New York City mom, it’s so convenient to be able to order the produce on the computer, and then pick it up here when I get my little boy after school,” says one user. Says another, “We use Farmigo because some money goes back to the school, and we’re helping local farmers, and the product’s really good.”

Farmigo is currently available in New York, New Jersey, Northern California, and Seattle-Tacoma. Expansion plans are the goal. “We want Farmigo to be a service that’s available to everybody across the country,” says Ronen. “There shouldn’t be anybody in any suburb or any city that doesn’t have access to the best food that’s locally grown from a community of their own producers.”

He adds, “We’ll start with the U.S. and then we’ll take on the world.”

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