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KETTLE CALL Popcorn that thinks out of the bag


Take a hike, trail mix. When it comes to healthy snacks, popcorn is having a moment, thanks to savvy brands that are sweet, savory and diet-friendly. Here, a few of our favorites that don’t come from the microwave:

For the Gourmet: New York-based Pop Karma uses top-quality, all-natural ingredients in its sophisticated combinations (think decadent Pure Caramel and vegan-friendly Classic Mediterranean). Try a number of the offerings with a Karma Popcorn Sampler ($39), which comes packaged in adorable popcorn tins.
Flavor Pick: The India-inspired Masala

For the Health Nut: With their new Boomchickapop line, the folks behind Angie’s Popcorn have created a crunchy guilt-free snack that clocks in at just 37 calories per cup. Bonus: The Sea Salt Popcorn snack packs ($6 for six) are great for on-the-go noshing or built-in portion control (each has a total of 90 calories).
Flavor Pick: The kettle-corn-esque Lightly Sweet Popcorn

For the Entertainer: Seattle-based Halfpops ($24 for 16 bags) is exactly what it sounds like: semi-popped kernels with a little less fluff but plenty of flavor. Offer it up in place of cocktail nuts at your next party and behold as nobody misses the cashews.
Flavor Pick: The cheesy Natural Aged White Cheddar


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