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Katie Sheehan-Lopez buys locally produced foods whenever possible, but it can be challenging.
Now she gets farm fresh food from a website called Farmigo. Shoppers can order fruit, produce, meats, yogurt, breads…from farmers and food producers in their area.

“it’s very easy to use. You get to look at a picture of the farmer and find out more about how they’re producing their food.”

A few days later the pre-packed order is ready for pickup. To keep delivery costs down, the site’s users form groups and designate a central drop off.

The idea is to create a one-stop pickup for all the local goods you’ve ordered.

Founder Benzi Ronen says Farmigo eliminates the middleman, connecting customers directly to farmers with a click.

Katie also likes that she can connect with people who share her interest in healthy eating – when she picks up her order

Farmigo’s roots are in the San Francisco and New York areas, but it’s expanding into other parts of the country this year.

Growing options for eating local that may soon sprout up — across the country.

Schools also use Farmigo as a tool for fundraising. Parents order and pickup through the school and a percentage goes to their nutrition program or the school garden.

Kris Van Cleave reports from New Jersey.

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