Healthy, Active & Sustainable Living

Our Strategy

For consumers, a product’s worth is no longer simply measured by how well it performs. Today’s increasingly informed and engaged consumers are looking for something more from their products and the companies that provide them — authenticity, purity, innovation, value, and goodness. Consumers not only want to be satisfied by their products, but also believe in the brands behind the products. We at Sherbrooke seek to partner with companies that can deliver on these attributes and provide consumers the products and services that support healthy, active and sustainable living.

Sherbrooke provides growth and expansion capital to companies that possess already-developed products and services, and have a proprietary position due to intellectual property or a strong brand franchise.

We are looking to invest in innovative companies that deliver value to consumers across the following market segments:

  • Healthy Food and Beverage
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Healthy Living & Active Lifestyle
  • Personal Care
  • Pet Care Products & Services
  • Education/Ecommerce

Sherbrooke works closely with management to augment the team and develop the infrastructure necessary to support growth and build the brand. Sherbrooke’s focused strategy provides for synergies across the portfolio, and management teams have the benefit of frequent interaction and close collaboration with one another, allowing for the sharing of best practices, valuable market contacts, successful market strategies, and cross-portfolio business opportunities.