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Three Freshly Sprouted Startups on the NYC Local Food Scene

By: Carola Beeney | Brand Innovation


While the most hospitable territory for food startups is certainly California, New York is host to its own burgeoning food movement. We spoke with three startups, in different stages of warming up to the New York food scene, that combine their expertise in the digital space with a passion for food. Striving to make local and nutritious food more accessible, they are sparking consumer demand for local food in ways not seen in a century.

Collectively, Good Eggs, Farmigo and Urbavour aim to disrupt certain themes in American food production and consumption. In place of the current system, these startups propose:

  • Full transparency in terms of where food comes from, who makes it and what is involved in its harvesting process;
  • Mitigation of packaging and food waste, as Americans waste over 40 percent of edible food; and
  • Reintegration of community and person-to-person interaction into patterns of food production, purchasing and consumption.

These are the shared values of the local food movement, but there are differences in the ways each company tackles and prioritizes them.


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